A little update on the Political Q&A series on my blog

So a little update on the Political Q&A series on my blog.

We are willing to interview progressive candidates across the Commonwealth who 1) support fully LGBTQIA+ equality 2) are pro-choice, and 3) acknowledge that Joe Biden did win the Presidential Election in 2020. Candidates in Philly or the Poconos or the Wilds or anywhere can participate. I reach out to everyone I can find. Often my email gets sent to spam because of the word ‘lesbian’ – so I urge you to contact your candidates and share this post so they can participate, too.

We’ve published these so far (6 candidates)

We have sent Q&A’s to these folks who have agreed to participate. Waiting for them to be returned. (9 candidates)

  • Summer Lee
  • Malcolm Kenyatta
  • Conor Lamb
  • Sean Meloy
  • Aerion Andrews
  • Abigail Salisbury
  • Alexandra Hunt
  • Zarah Livingston
  • Deja Alvarez

I’ve reached out to these folx with no response (17 candidates)

  • Josh Shapiro
  • Austin Davis
  • Brian Sims
  • Lindsey Williams * followed up on 4/20/22
  • Sara Innamorato
  • Steve Irwin
  • Will Parker
  • Jeff Woodard
  • Chris Deluzio
  • Glen Grayson
  • Nick Mastros
  • Martell Covington
  • Randall Taylor
  • Brandon Markosek
  • Arvind Venkat
  • Mandy Steele
  • Tristan McClelland
  • Stephanie Fox
  • ???

To be fair, the word lesbian in the email address or body of the email message often triggers spam filters. Some of them may not even know they were invited. That’s why I post updates often – to reach the campaign volunteers. I hope you will carry this to the people who can make it happen. LGBTQIA+ folx and neighbors deserve for it to happen.I am concerned the most about Shapiro and Davis as well as Lindsey Williams not responding. Someone worked magic with the Lamb campaign to get them to respond (thank you) so let’s keep trying.

None of these people should overlook this request. The Steel City Stonewall Democrats and the Liberty City Stonewall Democrats endorse LGBTQ competent candidates as does The Gertrude Stein Political Club of Pittsburgh. The Philly Gay News covers campaigns from a LGBTQ perspective. And there are plenty of progressive resources that are queer adjacent.

But what about Pittsburgh and Southwestern PA? There’s no queer media. The City Paper doesn’t endorse or do extensive vetting of every candidate. The Post-Gazette endorsed Donald Trump. The ACDC is beyond comprehensible. Endorsements are not the same as questions. Both are necessary.

Democrats and Independents and Green Party candidates should not take LGBTQ voters for granted. If you want to turn us out for your race or other races, you need to invest your campaign resources in answering a few questions.

It isn’t too late. Campaigns can reach out to me pghlesbian @ gmail. You can reach out to them. And we can hold each other accountable.


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