Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ Blog Nominated Five Consecutive Years for GLAAD Awards as ‘Outstanding Blog’

Outstanding Blog GLAAD awards
Cat lady Sue, surprised Sue, early morning cat trapping coffee Sue, internship Sue, live blogging LGBTQ art event Sue.

This is pretty nifty, as they say – our blog has been nominated five consecutive years (2018-2022) in the Outstanding Blog category of the national GLAAD Media Awards. We won the category in 2019. And our work is valued enough that we’ve been back multiple times.

The category is competitive and I’m honored to be amongst their ranks. No living blogger has ever won this award twice. Last year, the late Monica Roberts of the TransGriot blog won her second award posthumously. It is a great testament to this category that the first person to smash that ceiling was a Black trans woman. It is a tragic testament that she didn’t live to experience that victory.

Other Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania nominees include Billy Porter. And no one else that I can see. Please read the list and let me know if you see Pennsylvania connections. Previous nominees have been Billy Porter (winner), me (winner), and the Philadelphia Gay News (winner) and a reporter from the Post-Gazette who did not win, but did resign his job after multiple sexual predation allegations so I’m not naming him.

I should specify that Admiral Rachel Levine MD was profiled in one of the nominated pieces by my friend Dawn Ennis for Forbes. Definitely worth a read.

It is really quite an honor to be a finalist for such a prestigious award. It is an honor for Pittsburgh, as well. We love our trophies and awards. My 2019 trophy was on the mantle, until we realized the kittens would be roaming the house. Since then, we’ve never not had foster kittens so the award is packed away with other breakables.  I doubt Sidney Crosby has that problem.

Here is my ongoing list of ways Pittsburgh can help me and the blog celebrate

  • A Executive Suite game with the Penguins and a shout-out to the blog as a previous national titleholder. Fancy is important as is the need for isolation from other people. I like boxes because of the solitude, not the illusion of grandeur. I can invite my vaccinated and mask wearing friends who are safe to be around.
  • A restaurant to name a sandwich or breakfast item after the blog. PLC – pasta, lemon, cheese? Passionfruit, lime, cherry smoothie? Pizza, Little Pepperoni, Cheese?
  • A complimentary Subaru for a year. It is the car all the lesbians want.
  • Guest slot on Pittsburgh Today Live to talk about blogging and kittens
  • Tickets to tune into the livestream talk by Tarana Burke, Theresa May, and Bill Nye. Also all of the Pittsburgh Arts & Lecture Series. Streaming. I’m afraid of people.
  • Creative collaboration with FRZY.
  • A shed for my cat folx gear.
  • The Pirates and Steelers work with us and 412 Food Rescue to have a LGBTQ safe and affirming food box distribution.
  • Get vaccinated and wear a mask. I just had my 7th COVID-19 test today because I am sick and had an exposure to someone who is positive last week.
  • Local tech company donates a web designer to recode my site.

I can tell I’m not feeling well because it took me awhile to think up up those smart-ass suggestions. Well, most of them are real if improbable.

My idea of celebrating would be to go to NYC to the GLAAD gala dinner with my wife and two of our niblings, Ava and Josiah. I would like to visit my college roommate, her mom, and her son. I would like sit back at a table and enjoy the mingling and let the kids do the selfies. And let Laura take the kids for some sightseeing while I just decompress in a fancy Jacuzzi tub.

Maybe next year …

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