For the holidays, we are asking you to adopt a community cat caretaker to thank them for their year round work.
Walt is a retiree in his 70’s living on the Northside.
This is a very special caretaker. He has a colony of 26 cats, all TNVRd. And every one of them is a black cat. Not by design, just by the sheer magnitude of rejection and fear of black cats. Walt has houses and feeding stations on his property. Some of the cats opt to live in nearby abandoned houses. He works closely with local rescuers to ensure any cat is trapped and spayed/neutered. Walt also helps deliver donated food to other caretakers.
Walt buys 390 pounds of cat food each month. He feeds Purina which has been struggling with supply chain issues. Walt is willing to accept other brands when we have them and is incredibly gracious about the support.

We’d like to celebrate their efforts to help community cats by sending some Santa Claws magic their way.

How to participate

Contact us with the name(s) of the caretaker you’d like to Santa Claws and describe what you’d like to contribute. This helps us ensure everyone receives a gift.


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