City of Pittsburgh Commission on LGBTQIA+ Affairs honors LGBTQ History Month

The City of Pittsburgh Commission on LGBTQIA+ Affairs honors LGBTQ History Month this

We know that groundbreaking moments, big and small, have shaped the evolution of
our community since long before colonizers arrived on these waters and lands. The history of
our community is deeply intertwined with the histories of Indigenous, Black, and Brown
LGBTQ peoples and we are proud this month to acknowledge while also committing to create
new historical narratives that represent the breadth and width of our community.

From the timeless images captured by Teenie Harris in the Hill District to the 1973 Gay
Liberation March, from the raid on the Travelers Club to the deaths of David Piergalski, Jamie
Stickle, Andre Gray, Omar Islam, and most recently three young trans people of color, Chryna
Carillo, Jasmine Cannady, and JJ Bright, from the organization of mutual aid efforts to the
ongoing emergence of new organizing efforts, from the work of CRY OUT! / ACT UP to the
shattering blow of Roots Pride, from closeted politicians to the establishment of this
Commission in December 2020, our history is complex, painful, and powerful.

Note that we do acknowledge that the violent deaths in our community are more numerous
than the seven people we specifically named. We urge our community to say all of their names.

And our history is joyful. 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of Pittsburgh Black Pride, the
longest running Pride in the region.

We also want to acknowledge these important days of recognition during October, a robust list
that is always evolving:
• Hispanic Heritage Month (15 September – 15 October)
• Lesbian Day (8 October)
• Pronouns day (10 October)
• National Coming Out Day (11 October)
• Indigenous People’s Day (11 October)
• Spirit Day (22 October)
• Asexual Awareness Week (24 October – 30 October)
• Intersex Awareness Day (26 October)

We recognize that this statement is late in the month, but still essential to hold all of Pittsburgh
accountable to acknowledge and honor LGBTQIA+ history.

Official Statement


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