Caturday Update – My Community Cats Slowly Return to Colony After Their Home Demolished

It has been a tough week. The house that was home to my community cats and in face, many generations of cats, was demolished after the roof collapsed. That was a necessary action, but it brought to light the systemic failures that compromise the City’s own laws. But that’s a post for another day …

Today, we celebrate because the kitties are returning. Our feeding station is separate from the house – under an abandoned Chevy truck on another lot. So when the demolition began, the cats were eating and literally ran away from the protection of the truck. I continued feeding them on schedule and saw one cat return that same evening. I think she lives in a nearby overgrown backyard so wasn’t so directly impacted by the demolition.

But the rest fled to who knows where. One neighbor said they were around the following morning, but another neighbor said that wasn’t true. Sigh.

But they came back on Thursday night. When I watched the trail cam footage, I saw most of them turn up for supper. Not quite as a group, but they eat as a group. I saw the cats, the groundhogs, the possum, the raccoons, even the birds who pop in for a snack every once in awhile.

A few were not visible, but it is 2 AM and there’s no lighting and the camera only faces one direction. My secret dream is to get a cellular trail cam so I can better monitor the critters.

I am so happy and relieved and now ready to move on to worrying about other things.

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Feral Cats
Collage of kitty returns


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