#ManchesterCatTrap To Help Emergency Rescue of 19 Kittens from Clairton

The foster group that Laura and I work with is called Pittsburgh C.A.T. which is affiliated with the Homeless Cat Management Team. They are not officially involved in the #ManchesterCatTrap, but have been a great source of support.

This weekend, we received a notice that two of the most experienced trappers had gone to Clairton and ended up trapping 19 kittens, 15 adults, and gently caring for multiple deceased kittens. Pittsburgh C.A.T. took them all. And put out the word that they needed foster homes to help.

19 kittens and 15 adults from one location. Wow. Gonna need a bigger car.

Laura and I have an empty bathroom which is a great kitten room so we offered to help. They decided to send us three not-so-wee kittens, currently five weeks old, to create room at that home for the wee babies. We do very well with kittens at this age. They are coming to us this week. It will be nice to have kittens in the house again. This is where you imagine Kinzua saying “But I’m the baby!”

Don’t even ask me how many cats will be living in our house. The kittens are here for a few weeks and then YOU will adopt them. Be prepared to be slayed by cuteness.

Introducing “The Boat Kittens” already in foster care, not from Clairton but very very cute

Our friend M has 11 kittens. 11 kittens in one large crate. 11!

11 out of 19 very young kittens saved from abandoned shed in Clairton.

Since we have raised enough money to TNVR 40 cats, we are going to give 50% of any donations from this point on to help with the 19 kittens.

If you donate $50, we’ll use $25 for the #ManchesterCatTrap and send $25 to Pittsburgh C.A.T. We want to give back to these good folks. So we’ll grow some kittens for a few weeks and try to raise some funds. And we’ll pass along donations of kitten food through the Dr. John P. Ruffing VMD Pet Food Distribution Projects.

In sum

  • send money
  • send kitten food (Purina One in teal bag and Fancy Feast)
  • adopt a kitten or two

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