This past week, I’ve been sicker than I can remember. Spoiler warning – it is (likely) tonsillitis.

I was grumpy a week ago Monday and Tuesday, chalked it up to the impending house painting we had planned for this coming week. I thought it was anxiety and was disappointed with myself for not handling things better.

Then I woke up Wednesday with a fever. And it stuck around in spikes for 4.5 days. I called the doctor and they said I might have COVID-19 even with vaccine so I wasn’t permitted to go into the office to be examined. I was to quarantine. They called in a script for a zpack because tonsillitis was on the table, too. Grateful they decided it was better to cover all bases ahead of time while I waited for COVID-19 test results.

I slept a lot, vacillated between fever and chills – chills so bad I ended up wrapped in a bathrobe, a weighted blanket and a heating pad – and being grumpy. My fevers went between 99.9 – 101.something (5? 7?)

So I got very little accomplished. I ate a lot of soup. I did write a blot post that needed to be written. I slept and whined and slept some more.

The negative COVID-19 results came back Saturday and I was so relieved. Yes, my throat still feels like it is on fire so I may have to go see a tonsil doctor. Given that I’m using a Zpack, that suggests it is a virus not a bacterial infection. In case you wonder.

It is a mystery how I came across a virus like this. I don’t go anywhere without a mask. But I am ever so grateful it is just tonsillitis.

This is my first day upright for most of the day, sort of, so blogging may be on or off this week.



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