Of Coronavirus and Cats

This week, it feels like the coronavirus has begun to circle my personal space in an ominous manner that gives me pause. Never mind that I’ve been working on the face mask distribution project since April and paying close attention to lots of tangents of this pandemic. I’m still susceptible to the fear and trepidation of a threat that draws close.

My friends have COVID-19. Several of them. Some are recovering, others were not terribly ill. Other friends were quarantined. The only thing substantial I could do was deliver a carton of orange juice.

I am in the midst of a storm, not quite the eye but more like that last bit of the eye where you fan feel the strength of the storm, the wind drawing you in seductively and scarily as if you could hurl yourself in and be swept away to the inevitable outcome without blame. I’ve been in the eye of a hurricane and it is creepy, haunted even. Remaining there doesn’t feel safe. Running into the wind is not safe. What do you do but hold on tight, close your eyes, and pray?

I’m trying to figure out doublemasking with a hundred different possible combinations. I’m confused about vaccine schedules as some of my acquaintances who are not 65 and not healthcare workers are accessing the vaccine while others cannot. I feel happy for them, but wonder what if the process went the way it is supposed to. I’m absolutely confused about my eligibility, but I’ve been in touch with my PCP and will wait my turn. Not because I’m noble, but because it is just a decent thing to do for my own sanity and for the good of the community. 

A woman on the news, Channel 4 I think, tried to get a vaccine in Ohio and was turned away. So she’s going to North Carolina to try. We aren’t supposed to be traveling right now. I’m sure people in North Carolina are worried about their vaccines. Should they have to worry about Pennsylvanians coming down to jump the line? I wonder who that woman from the news voted for in her Pennsylvania elections? 

Everything really is terrible, but we have to move forward. 

I’ve been trapping feral cats, or attempting to, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The cats walk right by my traps. I was shocked last night that my little colony of three cats from the same litter had grown to be at least 12 different recognizable cats and possibly more. But they aren’t eating all of our food. So someone is feeding them nearby. 

We are going to pick up more winter shelters for them this weekend. I’m trying to avoid panic, but this is a lot more than 3 cats. 

There’s a new-to-us strain from Brazil that’s mutating in someway that it might evade antibodies. That’s frustrating to put it mildly. 

MasQueerade returns this Saturday with a technical run hosted by Alistair McQueen. Join us Saturday night! 



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