Via Fox news

Natasha Keianna, a Black trans woman, went missing from her Detroit home soon after Christmas Day in 2020. Her family reported her missing and provided a description of her vehicle to local police.

Two weeks ago, residents along Coyle and Vassar reported an unknown vehicle parked near their homes. According to residents, police did not respond or check the car.

On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, they traced the car back to Natasha and discovered her body inside. She was two miles away from her home.

Police did not automatically suspect foul play and have requested an autopsy. Fair warning – most of the media uses her dead name.

Natasha’s mother spoke with reporters the day before her body was discovered

She says the last time she saw her child was Dec. 28th when she came by her home to get a plate of holiday leftovers to eat.

On Dec. 29, the 37-year old was last seen leaving the Cranbrook Detroit motel near Eight Mile and Greenfield where she was living. Police say she left by herself in her own vehicle.

“My child drove a white 2005 Saturn and on the right side of the hood, it’s three black stripes,” her mother said.

Motel management says before she left she made a payment and left all her belongings inside her room.

Natasha was 37 years old. She has a lively and vibrant social media presence that captures her exuberant life. She deserved better than this.

So here’s what I’m thinking

I keep wondering about the missing persons report and the apparent 15 day lag. Shouldn’t those reports be crossfiled and checked by a computer? Is the local police department overwhelmed by COVID-19 staffing shortages? Isn’t that what you would expect if you filed a report about a loved one gone missing – that they would use the details you provide to CHECK THINGS? Isn’t that the point?

Rest in power, Natasha. Your life was so much more than these few articles describing your death. We will continue to seek justice for your.

May your memory be a revolution.