Thanksgiving Things to Do in Pittsburgh


If you have never had the joy of restaurant dining on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, you may experience sticker shock – upwards of $40/person is not unusual. And that’s not a buffet.

BUT there’s a great option on the Northside called Bistro-to-Go on East Ohio Street. Their traditional turkey dinners are fantastic and at $22, a solid deal especially if you like leftovers. You can pick your plates up ahead of time or on Thanksgiving Day. But call very soon and be sure to say “Sue Kerr referred us” so I can earn extra cornbread muffins!

Speaking of muffins, we traditionally have blueberry muffins for breakfast on holidays. It seems our main sources are all owned by Trump-supporters who tolerate white supremacy. While that’s a predictable climax of this holiday, it’s not one we’re ready to cede.

So we need to find a blueberry muffin source that’s known to be owned by Democrats. Anyone?


Laura and I are staying at home, something we’ve never done in 18 Turkey Days.

We’ve made plans to Zoom with my MIL mid-afternoon. We might Zoom with others. I’ll text the niblings.


We’ll watch the Macy’s Parade. We’ll watch ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ at night. We’ll watch the news. Laura will watch football.

Just like the Pilgrims?

I’m hoping to get staged photos of our cats sitting in the roasting pan. Laura thinks that is weird.

You can still get cute Thanksgiving masks from Goblin Girl designs. If you plan to spend money, why not support a business owned by a local disabled woman.


Last year, we watched multiple documentaries about Indigenous America. I commissioned Laura a culturally appropriate beaded Scottish hat from a local Haudenonsee woman.

I’m trying to keep up the pace. I am taking an online course about Indigenous Canada. I found new documentaries. We visited Meadowcroft. I regularly read Native and Indigenous media sites and consciously share the content across my social media accounts.

It’s not about being performatively woke, it is an acknowledgment that the trauma of colonization and the modern Thanksgiving holiday customs are not limited to one day or one period. If you make the effort to educate yourself from multiple Indigenous sources, you will be the better for it.

I’m going to share a few fun clips from the holidays, but one belongs here. Buffy, Season Four. This is the segment where Spike sums up colonization, white guilt and privilege, and the evolution of Thanksgiving to a fluffy family event. He’s not right, but he’s right on.


Is it really Thanksgiving if you haven’t watched these vintage clips?


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