Is it really Day 178?

At some point, I screwed up counting the days so I have no clue if its Day 178 or not. At some point, does it matter? We’ve been held captive by a virus and federal incompetency for a fucking long time.

My days are defined by therapy on Monday, housekeeper Shanon on Tuesdays so I stay in bedroom, therapy on Wednesdays, nothing specific on Thursday, Friday is Friday, and then weekends.

I was doing personal training on Tuesdays, but I have been struggling with golfers elbow (?) and dizziness. They both require me to go to physical therapy. I won’t do that because I’m exhausted with having to be on high-alert for everything. I know that’s not productive. But ugghhhh.

Went to get my hair cut today. Laura had been there twice and reported good things on all COVID-19 precautions. So my jaw dropped to arrive at what seemed like the alternative reality salon. No face shields, no sanitizing, too many people in the room, hair everywhere. Apparently, the support staff called off. So rather than send someone in to help, the owners just cut corners on hygiene and cleaning.

I lasted 24 minutes. Then I left. That’s 24 minutes after my appointment was supposed to begin.

It took a lot for me to get to that appointment. I was anxious and nervous. It was my first venture into a service place. I was expecting the safe and respectful experience Laura had.

So, that was disappointing.

We ended the day with a family zoom meeting that was hilarious as Granny tried to figure out how to connect. She did really well.


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