Dear David, September 24, 2020

Dear David,

The world has changed since I last wrote to you. Who would have thought? Sigh.

We’ve been to Antney’s at least once since then, maybe twice. We’ve learned to go right at 5 PM when they open and there’s no line. I’ve been sticking to pretty basic flavors for some reason although I typically try at least one new flavor sample. Maybe it is just dumb luck to not have anything fun appeal to me to try instead of vanilla?

I may have told you that we bought an ice cream maker to DIY our way through the summer. But we only used it a handful of times. This weekend, I’m hoping we’ll give chocolate a chance and start making this investment pay off. It is very simple to use and the ice cream is great. Plus, no lines unless you count the cats. They tend to flee when the motor starts whirring. No lines. Some fur.

So, what’s your voting plan? We applied for mail-in ballots and received notifications that we should expect them soon. Our plan is to complete them ASAP – being very careful about the security envelope – and then immediately drive Downtown to the County Elections Office. There’s limited parking options so I’ll say in the car while Laura goes i to drop-off her ballot and then we’ll switch out so I can drop-off mine.

There’s so much to talk about, but very little to add to the conversation. I’m scared. A lot. I feel my frailties like never before. This very much feels like the part of the apocalyptic movie where blissful ignorance or denial prevents characters from getting their shit together. Or perhaps the post-apocalyptic flashback where we reminisce about having pancakes at Eat ‘n Park.

I miss those pancakes.

Yours truly,



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