2 Northside Kittens, Mama and Papa Need Urgent Help

Feral kittens Pittsburgh Northside
Annie and Kitty having breakfast

We need to raise funds lickety split to TNR two kittens known as Annie and Kitty, plus their parents. There’s a slight window to get the kittens into foster care to be socialized, but it’s closing daily. Any amount will help. More details below.

It literally never ends. But TNR means it slows down.

We will use these funds to cover the spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, testing, microchipping, and related expenses for four homeless Northside cats. Our hope is to bring the kittens into foster care and cover their expenses as they search for forever homes.

Kitty and Annie are two homeless kittens living on a quiet Northside block not too far from CCAC, PNC Park, and Heinz Field. Mama and Papa also live nearby. We suspect Mama was herself a homeless kitten seen on this block occasionally in 2019.

Neighbors have a community cat they take good care of which is how the homeowner originally came to set up a heated house and feeding station – for that cat whom promptly decided to dine and dash to another neighbor’s yard for sleeping.

In December 2019, Annie and Kitty showed up seemingly out of nowhere, but accompanied by Mama. They live in the heated house and have food and water. Annie and Kitty are between 12-16 weeks old so we need to get them ‘fixed’ as soon as possible to prevent them from being impregnated. We also need to TNR Mama and Papa for the same reason.

Annie is also having some breathing issues that will need to be checked by a veterinarian either during or after her TNR.

The plan is to see if Annie and Kitty could be socialized. Mama and Papa will be returned to their block and continue to have access to food and shelter. If the kittens are too old to socialize, we’ll also take them back.

Annie and Kitty are both black cats whose genders are unknown. Annie has a short smooth coat and is the quiet, shy kitten. She spends most of her time in the yard, near her sibling and her heated house. Kitty has long black fur (like Susie Myerson!) and is very friendly and playful. She interacts with the humans while keeping an eye on her sibling.

The caretakers have done their best to take care of these cats and are committed to the ongoing support to keep them healthy and safe. They have found homes for other kittens in the past, but realize that TNR is the best option to prevent this situation from happening year after year. The humans have their own pets who would not adapt well to a new kitten so they cannot adopt the cats.

As soon as we raise even a portion of the funds, we can implement our trapping project and get the kittens and their parents to the Spay & Neuter Clinic. We have a trapping plan. We have traps. We even have a perfect parking space and neighbors willing to help monitor the traps.

We need the funds to take care of these four cats. Mama could have 3 or 4 litters per year. Papa could sire dozens of kittens. Annie and Kitty’s impact will be known once we know their gender, but assuming they are female – that’s three females having 3-4 litters averaging 3-4 kittens. That’s at least 27 additional homeless cats plus whatever Papa sires every year. Most of them will not survive either due to the elements, health, or the lack of food sources.

Your investment in these kittens and cats means a chance for a healthier, calmer life for all of them. The kittens might be able to find a home. Mama will not be constantly pregnant and Papa will not be driven to mate constantly. They can live their natural lives in peace with food and shelter. That’s better for the neighbors in general who can enjoy their community cats.

It is only February, but every shelter and shelter is already overextended BEFORE kitten season. Our very best chance to get these kittens into foster care is to cover their initial expenses and reduce the burden on the rescue groups. We can let the experts do their pieces of this work without trying to raise money. We can send Kitty and Annie to a foster home with food, supplies, and resources to cover other medical needs.

Time is of the essence – the window to socialize Kitty and Annie is narrow.

Added bonus – everyone who donates will receive a #SteelCitySnowflake on my blog as a thank you!

We keep finding these Northside kittens in need. One of the humans involved saw me post about the Sheffield Trio and asked me for help. I hope we can help this next crew as well. Your donation of any amount reduces their suffering and gives them the best chance to have a good life. Thank you for reading this far.


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