Update on the #SheffieldTrio Kittens – Day Six

Good Lord, I need a kitten post right now.

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When we last left Susie Myerson, (Sophie) Lennon, and Maisel, they had arrived from their home under a porch on nearby Sheffield Street at the tender age of eight weeks to take up occupancy of our bathroom. Read more about their first days here.

Fortunately, lots of good things to report, including a whopping dose of cuteness.

All three are eating heartily, using the litter box, and playing. Their eye gunk has cleared up with the application of drops so we hope to have headed off a respiratory infection of any type. They have to remain in quarantine until December 27 when they can begin spending a little bit of time in the household.

Susie Myerson is still uptight and fierce. She sticks out her tongue and makes a little grunt noise when we pick her up, then eventually settles into our arms. She does not purr, yet. She is willing to come out and eat while we are in the room, but with reluctance and usually the last one to do so. She just needs a little jacket and cap to be OUR Susie Myerson from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Also, I get to overhear Laura saying in her cutest voice “Come on, Susie Myerson, don’t hiss at me.”

Foster Kittens Pittsburgh
Susie Myerson

(Sophie) Lennon is a brave little boy. He eats a mountain of food and is perhaps going to be our food bully without supervision. He cuddles equally with Susie and Maisel and seems to enjoy being in a fleece pet bed. Lennon plays quite a bit for his age, but sleeps hard. He fusses when we pick him up from the floor, but only protests a little bit. He enjoys having his chin and cheeks rubbed.

Pittsburgh Foster Kittens
Sophie Lennon

Maisel is the wee one, but she crept up to 2 lbs even on Tuesday (YAY.) She’s unafraid of us and typically quite curious. She remains out in the center of the room when we come in, she sleeps in the big kitten fleece bed, and she eats with fierce abandon. She does not like the eye drop application, but tolerates it now. Maisel loves to play with little fleece balls and other items.

Foster Kittens Pittsburgh

Unfortunately, we have to keep the bit kitten toys away until quarantine is up (to avoid spreading bacteria from our well-vaccinated cats/kittens to these newly vaccinated kittens) so she only had a few balls and several toilet paper roll inserts. That doesn’t deter her, she just pulls a piece of the cat litter pellets onto the floor and start a hockey match.

Here’s a clip of them coming out in front of us to their food for the very first time. Prior to this, we had put the food directly in front of wherever they were at the moment. It is a big milestone, both fidning their food and being willing to eat in front of us (except Susie Myerson)


How is everyone else adapting to the new arrivals? There’s some disgruntlement over the lack of access to the bathroom and a bit of curiosity. I’m sure they will be quite excited when quarantine is lifted.


Several ways for you to help

We (unintentionally) set up two crowdfundraisers to pay for their spay & neuter/veterinary bills as well as supplies. You can use GoFundMe or Facebook Fundraiser, your choice. Both go to the same source. We need $600 to pay off the bill and another $400 for their ongoing costs. We have about $300 so far. If you can chip in $5 to help some kittens, that would be great.

We also have an Amazon wishlist for the kittens.

Join the Northside Cat Ladies and Friends Facebook group.

People have been very kind and we are sharing the donations with other foster homes. The one thing we do not have are fresh kitten toys – we can’t share the older cats toys even washed. So I’ll put in an order next week. But we’ve got plenty of blankets, beds, kitten chow, etc.

These little ones bring us a lot of joy and sweetness. It is impossible to be sad too long when they are tumbling through our lives.


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