Pittsburgh Needs Policies for Urban Wildlife and Homeless Domestic Animals #NaBloPoMo

The Prompt – Is Pittsburgh a cat or dog city? (Or alligator city?) Explain your answer.

I’m a cat and dog person, but I have more cats right now. Thus, I plead the Fifth on this one.

I wish the CITY as an entity had more concrete policies with regard to homeless cats and dogs. It is just absurd that we do a little bit as part of public health, a little bit as part of public safety, and have no integrated sustainability plan for both urban domestic homeless animals and urban wildlife. Take a look at these numbers – absurd, I say.

So while we have a dog themed craft brew events and our cat shows, we don’t as a City prioritize supporting pets or their humans. Our spay and neuter voucher program needs significant improvement, the ‘free’ pest control services offered by the Animal Care and Control staff to keep the fine gardens of Pittsburgh immaculate are a disaster, the general public knowledge around urban animals is also terrible.

We can do better. Let’s be a City that remembers that we aren’t the only ones living with the consequences of our environmental and climate decisions.


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