Queering PA Wilds: Day Seven

Last full day of vacation.

The night was rough. I felt suddenly nauseated so I was sipping ginger ale and using cool cloths to avoid a worse fate. Finally, I fell asleep, but a worse fate did happen. Not vomiting, but I woke up screaming holy blood terrified screams. Laura managed to wake me up, but then I lay in wait sure the hotel security would knock on the door, shivering with fear it would happen again.

In the morning, I did not feel great. We ate a rather blah breakfast, checked out and headed for one of our final stops – Pine Creek Gorge, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

It was rainy so we stuck to the observation spots. It is breathtaking. We were both quite speechless and we were on the shallow side of the gorge.Then we wound our way through Lycoming County, stopping for a fantastic lunch. We cut across Centre County in the middle of the Pitt-Penn State game, heading into Cresson, PA where we had booked a room at a train watchers B&B.So we are now sitting on the wooden porch in the lovely evening air with a bonfire filling the air with autumnal smells. Tommorrow we’ll have homemade pancakes and head home.I’m trying to relax and avoid screaming.Folks in Potter County are unhappy with my initial impressions shared in this post. I tthink they fail to appreciate the realities of traveling while female and queer in unfamiliar realms. I’ll dive into that more later this week. These posts are preliminary observations.

I am looking forward to seeing our crew.


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