Two groundhogs and two feral cats walked onto our back porch #PghCatLadies

Last night, we had two groundhogs and two cats in too small of a space.

On the left, one groundhog is eating dry cat food. The second groundhog makes several forays up the deck steps to try to get to the other dish of food. On the railing to the right is Oksana observing everything. At the bottom of the steps is Mr. Kitty (formerly Mystery Kitty) observing.

No one was hurt and the vase even survived perfectly intact. I have no idea why the vase was out there. You can also get a nice glimpse of our compostables.

This is why we hope to be able to purchase two of these feeding stations to put on opposite ends of the lowest part of the deck. Or three of these to be able to put one out in the far end of our property. And two of these to keep an eye out for moments like this.

Every day is a winding road …

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