Kitten, Kitten, OMG So Many Kittens

First, we thought Jennie Jane had two kittens.

Then, we saw Sun Volt on the porch and he is now residing in our bathroom.

Homeless Kitten
Sun Volt

And then we waited for the other two kittens to come back. That’s when we realized there were three more kittens, not two.

Pittsburgh Homeless Kitten
Jennie Jane keeps watch over her 3 kittens eating breakfast. This group includes 1 brown tiger striped, 1 short haired black kitty, and 1 long fuzzy black hair kitty.

They had clearly learned from Sun Volt’s capture so I just kept my distance to observe. At some point, I suspect that I saw a fourth kitten but I wasn’t absolutely sure.

Then this afternoon Laura looked out thebathroom and window and saw this little one

Homeless Kitten Pittsburgh
A tortoiseshell (we think) with onen little white paw

So that makes five kittens total, one mama. One kitten has been captured. I’m really glad we now know about all four so we can specifically use kitten traps and not accidentally capture Mama until we have the little ones. Best case scenario is that we get all of the kittens so they can be vetted and prepped for adoption, then we get Mama who will be spayed.

Then we need some lovely soul to offer to foster Mama (if she’s docile) in a quiet room somewhere. We can manage the kittens and provide lots of socialization.

But we gotta catch ’em first.

And while you are thinking about how awesome we are at being cat ladies, please keep our cat Simon and our dog Ana in your thoughts – Simon’s thyroid is out of whack again; he’s probably 20 years old – he was rescued by me in 2002 from McKeesport. Ana has a wonky thyroid and a vulva infection. So we’ve got new rounds of meds, new diets, and lots of love to distribute. Our veterinary credit card is melting, but still recognizable.

We’ve applied to work with a local foster group so we can access affordable veterinary care. Supplies and food are on us so if we end up with five kittens, we’ll be eating spaghetti for months … 🙂



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