Self-care moments

Today, I was supposed to set up my table at the Keystone Progress Summit with a colleague. They told me this AM that they have strep throat. Ugghh, that’s awful.

I was planning to still go, but found myself dawdling. I didn’t feel too socially anxious, but something was holding me back mentally. I figured it was the vestiges of my recent nasty cold. I was planning to push through.

Then we stopped by the pharmacy to pick up meds, some of which I really needed because the freezing weather had delayed that errand. That’s when the pharmacy told me one of my anti-anxiety meds was on backorder.

What? No one called to tell me that. They gave me one dose from what was left in stock. So now I’ll be spending my Saturday calling other stores in the chain and driving to get the meds from wherever they can be found.

It’s like my subconscious knew this was happening and took steps to prevent me from getting in a worse jam. I’m not thrilled, but I’d rather resolve the med issue and maybe get to half the conference. That’s just self-care.

Self-care is also listening to my inner thoughts and not writing everything off to ‘just anxiety’ because sometimes that anxiety is about self-preservation.

So maybe I’ll make the conference or maybe I’ll be driving to Bridgeville or Greensburg to take care of a higher order need. Either way, I’m feeling okay with being attuned to preventative self-care and avoiding unnecessary anxiety.

Give yourself credit for everything you did to get to this monent of the day.


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