F. Dok Harris: “This hate is growing and fermenting. So take a stand and give back in a way that can really help the people who are at the most risk.”

Check out this story at the Pittsburgh Current and watch/listen to the podcast below.

Generous Donation Makes Holiday Brighter For LGBTQ Youth

I suggested the story to Pittsburgh Current because we never hear the media covering stories of generosity to the LGBTQ community.  We hear about Secret Santas visiting Wal-Mart every year and anonymous affluent people distributing hundred dollar bills in various unexpected locations. Examples of generosity for sure but isn’t it good to hear about a cisgender heterosexual man swooping in to invest in the LGBTQ community holiday projects?

“This year we are spending our time planning this party instead of worrying about how we are going to pay for it,” Battle says. “A lot of times we’re robbing from Peter to pay Paul, but thanks to the generous donation we received, we don’t have to.”

Dok was also willing to talk about the reason why he made the donation because HE UNDERSTANDS that his work as an ally is more than just writing checks, it involves helping other people in his circles connect with the LGBTQ community. And that understanding, the degree of effort is crucial to the sort of growth we need as a society. Dok can go into spaces talking as an ally that many of us cannot. And he gets it. So it is good that he takes the time to talk about the reasons why he invests in the LGBTQ community to keep those conversations

“Through no fault of their own, because this hate is growing and fermenting. So take a stand and give back in a way that can really help the people who are at the most risk.” – F. Dok Harris on donating to support LGBTQ led organizations. 

Charlie asks Dok “What is our responsibility?” as cisgender heterosexual men with some degrees of privilege to raise visibility of LGBTQ issues and needs.

Dok responds that it requires a personal conversation, reaching out to people you know and talking about opportunities to do good not just admonishing them when they say something wrong. If people have some money in their pocket, they should give it to someone who is in need.

How often do you hear affluent people say things like that? For those who are fans of Dok’s father, Franco Harris, Charlie and Dok talk about the impact the actual 1970’s Steelers players had on his own life, growing up with these uncles and the lessons they taught him about giving back.



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