Pittsburgh Public School Board Proposes Terminating Official Involvement in Pgh Marathon Because of Chick-fil-A Sponsorship

Wednesday evening, the Pittsburgh Public School Board met for a Special Legislative and Agenda session. One of the topics was a proposed resolution explained by District Solicitor Ira Weiss as follows

“The District will not support, officially, the Children’s Marathon so long as those sponsors are involved. The schools will not be authorized to participate officially, not will employees by authorized to participate officially. Employees, of course, will be free to participate as individuals.”

Mr. Weiss further explains that there are concerns that PPS officially participating in Marathon activities is inconsistent with the values of the district. He states that Chick-fil-A has officially stated beliefs that are ‘quite discriminatory’ on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, etc (his words.)

The Board will vote next week on this resolution. If approved, Superintendent Anthony Hamlet will issue a formal statement.

Here’s the petition.

You can watch for yourself Mr. Weiss’ comments as well as the conversation among the School Directors starting at 1:04:01 in the video below. It is worth listening because these are the strongest statements yet made by community leaders regarding the impact of this sponsorship on youth and their families.