What Do We Do Now?

I’m useless today. Staring at this blank screen, knowing that I should find some words to share, has occupied most of my day. But I have nothing. Just this pounding feeling in my heart and my head that feels like doom, rather than just another day in Trump’s America.

I don’t feel hope right now, but I remember that it is here somewhere. In the meantime, let me share a few relevant links.

Granted, this feels useless. I’m wandering around the house doing all sorts of busywork to feel at least satisfied that I accomplished something. I’ve learned that is helpful – review things that have been accomplished, small every day things. Sometimes that is all we have.


PA Voter Registration Link – register to vote, confirm your registration, find your polling place. Democrats gaining control of the House and Senate is imperative. Democrats gaining traction in the Pennsylvania Generasl Assembly, also imperative. So register. Then share the link with your entire network. Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, church, school, etc.

October 9Last day to register before the November election.
October 30Last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot.
November 2Last day for County Boards of Elections to receive voted civilian absentee ballots


Join The Rage fundraiser at Bitch Media. Invest your rage in feminist media.

Support RAINN, the nation’s largest organization addressing sexual violence.



Read these blogs/sites

One step at a time, one breath at a time.




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