Concrete Ways to Support Pgh Protestors #AntwonRose #Justice4Antwon UPDATED AGAIN

SPECIAL NOTE – We’ve had a recent problem with Amazon deliveries. With the help of some great allies, we’ve worked it out. Your deliveries should be back on track. If you get a message from Amazon, please use their chat feature to make sure that is the case. We apologize for the confusion and REALLY appreciate the local folks who untangled the confusion. Due to ongoing delivery issues, this list has been closed. We encourage you to shop local if you can.

I will be updating this list as new information in shared. Please scroll to the bottom of the post for the most recently specified needs. ~ Sue

I have culled this information from reputable social media sources and from Black organizers whom I personally know. Last night, people really were in need of bottled water while protesting outside of PNC Park which is filled with overpriced bottled water. What a powerful gesture if the Pirates had sent out some water, even quietly. But that’s yesterday.

For Antwon Rose Jr.’s family, there is a crowdfund set up to help with his funeral and related expenses. There are two crowdfunds.

  • This one was set up by friends of the family
  • This one was set up by the family

Bail Fund – organized by the Alliance for Police Accountability, this fund is used to provide bail support for individuals who may be arrested. On Friday evening, 4 protestors in Homestead were arrested. This is a tangible way to help reduce anxiety for those participating as well as protecting their safety.

  • Pay APA via Cash App
  • Donate via Paypal

Supplies, Food, Water for the Protestors – they need bottled water, Gatorade, food, sunscreen, cell phone chargers, portable batteries for all types of phones, umbrellas, rain ponchos, etc.

  • Follow social media and show up with your donated items where they are needed.
  • Shanon Williams is coordinating supplies and will meet you to pick up items and deliver. You can reach her via FB Messenger to sort out a pick up/drop-off.
  • You can also send $ to Shanon via Cash App directly if you prefer. He will provide receipts if requested.

Actions – follow the hashtags to find where local actions are happening. The whole point is not to give away the plan ahead of time.

  • Today is the Juneteenth Celebration beginning with a March and continuing with a day long rally in Market Square. This is an annual event, planned before Antwon’s death, but a solid way to show your support.
  • Alliance for Police Accountability will post events as well 1HoodMedia
  • If you do attend a direct action and you are a white person, be mindful of the consistent call that you fall to the back and sides and serve as a physical and emotional buffer between the Black and non-Black POC marching from the police and observers.

Stay Informed

Legal*** LEGAL HOTLINE FOR 6/23/2018 ***

The Pittsburgh NLG will be maintaining our hotline today, too, 412-212-6753. If you are arrested, call the number and we can call your friends/family/coworkers for help, and to try to connect you with a lawyer. The line is maintained by volunteers, and no legal advice is given over the phone. Don’t give details on why you are arrested over the phone because jail phones aren’t secure.
Email for phone number info.

Remember, you can always request legal observers (all us in the bright green hats) to notate any interactions with cops.

Please send me updates for what I’ve missed.

UPDATE as of Sunday Morning

  • Charger cords for both android and iPhone,
  • ponchos are a definite plus given the weather,
  • honey, lemon, cough drops (folks are loosing their voices),
  • gas cards,
  • apples,
  • toilet paper, hand sanitizer
  • D batteries for the megaphones/speakers
  • water
  • NEW reusable water bottles such as distributed for PR events. If you have excess from an event, they will be helpful.

This is an Amazon wishlist set up with needed items, identified by the organizers. The list contains items that are portable. Items will be shipped to a Pittsburgh address where an organizer will receive and distribute them. You can also bring these items to the sites of the actions. UPDATE: Wishlist has been disabled because of ongoing complications with delivery. My personal suggestion is to shop locally or donate money.

NEEDED – NEW reusable water bottles to reduce dependency on cups being available. If you have some leftover from an event, here’s a useful place to distribute.

You can scroll back up to find the contact information for donating supplies.


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