Fish Fry Friday: Return to Assumption & Finding My Fish Fry Fame on March 9, 2018

A very late post on my part – my apologies! It’s been a stressful week for me, so going to any fish fry felt overwhelming. Ledcat gently suggested we revisit Assumption to get a good meal in a familiar space.

Now I don’t really need to re-review the location or food. I’ll just make note of things that are unique. Feel free to read these previous reviews.  

The crowds are huge so they reconfigured the order-in line to get more folks inside while waiting. There were easily 20 folks in line with us. My contact told me that they’ve sold out 3 weeks in a row, to the point that there is literally no fish for adult volunteers at the end of the evening. This is not a terrible problem at all. The kids eat before their shift so they are good.

We ordered and sat down. A couple sat acrosd from us. The man was laughing because the receptionist had convinced him to try the ‘award winning’ coleslaw. Ledcat smirked and I beamed. He asked, rhetorically, who gives awards to coleslaw?

I introduced myself …

And they both agreed it was some pretty fine coleslaw. He kept mentioning how finely minced it was. It was the fish fry friday review validation I never knew I wanted.

He had the shrimp dinner which he liked. She had haluski and pierogies. She told me the ‘cabbage to noodle ratio’ is not great, but the taste was not. I did not try it, but I’m dutifully sharing her impressions.

We opted for fish sandwiches with the usual side dishes. Service was solid. I saw the recycling bins. I even visited the dessert table where I noted an impressive array of homebaked goodies. I got a tip that there will be a dessert challenge this Friday.

To wrap things up, Laura was even able to secure some aluminum foil to wrap our leftover fish!  Talk about happy endings … we were styrofoam free!

You have two more Fridays to visit this fish fry. Our plan this week, Friday 3/16, is to try a new fish fry. We’ll post the usual update on Saturday!



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