LGBTQ Women Wonderland Winter Concert Highlights Female Hip-Hop, R&B, & Rap Artists from Pittsburgh

Photo courtesy of KK Productions

I read about the The 1st Annual LGBTQ Women Wonderland Winter Concert on Facebook, a line-up of all LGBTQ female and nonbinary performers. I was intrigued so I listened to a few of the featured artists and reached out to Kasey Hicks for a quick chat. (I can’t get Jennifair’s Sugar out of my mind, video at the very bottom of this post.)

Your Name: Kasey “KoolKase” Hicks Age: 32
Your Pronouns: She, Her

How do you describe your identity? Female, lesbian

What inspired the 1st Annual LGBTQ Women Wonderland Winter? I wanted to bring some spice to the city. So many of us travel to other cities for events just like this, so I wanted to do something that would bring people to our city. I also wanted to unite within our city.

Tell us about the featured artists. 

Jimmii Montana- Hip- Hop artist from Cleveland Ohio
Slim Jenkinz- Hip-Hop artist from Washington D.C.
Jennifair- R&B artist from Chicago, Illinois
L.A. Chae – Hip Hop artist from Pittsburgh, PA
Juiced Up Joey- Hip-Hop/ &B artist Pittsburgh, PA
Pharah Phitted- Hip-Hop/ R&B artist Pittsburgh, PA
Ace Money- Rap artist – Pittsburgh, PA

The hosts Poca and Quita, are from the lesbian series “Love and Lesbians of NY” which can be found on youtube.

KK Management and Productions is focused on promoting local female artists, helping them to gain national exposure. What challenges do female performers face making that move from Pittsburgh to a national audience? The challenges we face are the fact that people truly think that this business is for men only. They think that the women should be naked. We dont have to be like that, the talent speaks for itself. We have women with raw talent which is often better than the male counterpart. There is also a lack of support for the women initially which makes them have to work twice as hard.

What’s unique about your response? “We have women with raw talent which is often better than their male counterpart.” The unique thing about that statement is the fact that it is true.

Do you work exclusively with queer or LGBTQ identified performers? No I work with all.

Tell us about the first LGBTQ person that you met and what impact they had on your life? The first LGBTQ person I met was a transgender (male to female). Taught me to stand firm on your beliefs.

What is your love song for today’s LGBTQ youth? “Deception” by Juiced Up Joey

Where can our readers find you on social media?

Thank you, Kasey.

Be sure to check out the The 1st Annual LGBTQ Women Wonderland Winter Concert

Friday, December 15, 8 PM – 12 AM
Spirit,  242 51st, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201

Tickets $25-$35

KK Management and Productions


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