What do I read on a daily basis? #NaBloPoMo

I have several intense blog posts circling my mind, waiting for the right moment to leap onto the page. So today I am deliberating choosing a lighter blog prompt for #NaBloPoMo – a blog prompt proxy of sorts.

What do you read on a daily or regular basis?

I read differently now, thanks to the Feedly app which replaced the Google reader tool. Feedly aggregates all of my sites into designated categories. This lets me browse quickly. Feedly recently implemented a paid version so I have to find the $60 to use that soon or I’ll not be able to add new sites to my reading list.

I have two sites under ‘daily reads’ – the Southern Poverty Law Center and The Incline. I don’t read every article or post, but I scroll through and click on the headlines that capture my interest.  The Incline aggregates news so if I see the reference a second time in my other reading, I take the hint and click.

I have a News feed – various NPResque sites, NYT, PG, ShareBlueMedia, Think Progress

Feminism and Activism  – Bitch media, Luvvie, Colorlines, Dances With Fat, For Harriet, several feminist sites, Indian County Media Network, Disability Talk Show, and Very Smart Brothas among others

LGBTQ blogs based in PA

LGBTQ Blogs & Sites – all the usual suspects, a few Google searches on Bisexuality and Transgender stories, Holy Bullies, Transgriot, Maybe Its Just Me, My Fabulous Disease, Seattle Lesbian and Mombian – which are my blogging friends.

Environmental Blogs – PA Environmental News updates, lots of blogs including Pgh based Green Grandma

I have designated categories for my clients’ topics (currently, sustainability, floral industry, yoga, and hair salons) plus the categories for former clients because they are interesting.  These total more than 200 sites that I browse.

Then I have Hard to Define – Atlas Obscura, Brain Pickings mainly.

I read the Post-Gazette and the New York Times via a paid app, but not always the same day. I glance at the TribLive site a few times a week. I look at the New Pittsburgh Courier every few days. I don’t visit the TV media sites unless I’m specifically searching for something simply because they have so many ads, it takes too much time. I do also regularly read PublicSource, WESA, and the Allegheny Front sites.

I visit the website Shakesville every day along with local site 2 Political Junkies. Both often send me spiraling off to new links and sites (which I plan to add to Feedly soon.)

Like many folks, I find links through social media – especially Facebook and Twitter. That’s how I end up reading The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone pieces. If people I trust post something, I usually at least open it to give it a glance. If it looks like clickbait, but I’m still interested – I’ll actually open a new tab and use a keyword search to check out the article before I click.

If I had to narrow down what I read regularly it would be Bitch Media, Shakesville, PublicSource, and some local blogs. I’d read the Post-Gazette more often because I value a daily, but the online tools are terrible.

So that’s my response. I read a lot. I read on the couch, when I’m the passenger in a car, when I’m waiting for something, when I’m nervous or anxious, when I learn about a new piece, when I’m researching a specific topic. I read right before bed. I read all day.

This isn’t really new. I’ve always read the paper, subscribed to magazines, and carried a book with me wherever I went. Laura subscribes to 4 or 5 magaines now, plus the PG and the Sunday NYT. So our coffee table is still filled to the brim.

What do you read regularly?

November is NaBloPoMo. We’ve set a goal to blog daily and raise 30 new donations throughout the month. We are on track right now – we have had five new donations.


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