Sue Needs Help Buying Gently Used Laptop

I need some help.

My laptop is chugging along pretty slowly these days. As a blogger, I use it very heavily and beat it up. It’s heading for life support now.

I have the chance to buy a gently used laptop from a friend, but I do not have the $$ on hand.

I use my laptop to blog, to run the AMPLIFY project, to manage social media, organize crowd funds for all sorts of folks, and more. I’ve been blogging at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents since December 2005. In October 2016, I was voted ‘Best Local Blogger’ by the readers of the Pgh City Paper. If you can help me out, it would also help out my friend who is an artist and will be investing the money from the sale of her laptop to buy a MAC to produce her music.

My source of income is SSD. I pour most everything I can spare into AMPLIFY. My current laptop was a gently used gift from 3 years ago. But I have a few new social media projects, a new sponsorship for my blog, some advertising opportunities to help support the projects. Irons in the fire. I just need to get through this hurdle.

October has been rough. I was banned on Facebook for what I believe were trolls mass reporting my LGBTQ content. This really hurt my blogging and put a damper on fundraising for AMPLIFY.

I am facing deadlines – I need to get my annual post on holiday toy projets up very soon to help neighbors looking for support. I have LGBRQ History Month posts to share. I’ll be starting my own annual drive for gift cards to help isolated LGBTQ elders through Persad soon. And more!

If you appreciate my blog or you’ve ever asked me to cover a topic, please consider chipping in. Anything over the cost of the laptop will go toward AMPLIFY. If it helps, my birthday is Oct 22! I’m a Libra so I really debated doing this request … but here it is!

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