Update Your #AMPLIFY Contribution if You Like

**THIS IS FOR UPDATES ONLY. This is NOT for first time contributors. **

Click here for the update form. First time contributors should go to this form. 

#AMPLIFY has been up and running since January 2015 and collected more than 225 contributions. We know that for some folks, life has changed so we are offering an opportunity to post an update to your earlier response. We will NOT be modifying that content, but we will create a link to this new post. This will be open through December 2017 and again at least one more time before the end of the project.

If you would like to update your #AMPLIFY contribution, please follow these steps. Click here to find the updated Q&A form

1. Find and read you current contribution. You may want to open it in a separate tab or window (or device.) Make decisions on what content you want to update.

2. You will be required to enter your name, age, email and a few other demographic questions. You will also be required to cut and paste or write the title of the original post you submitted so we can find it quickly.

3. Scroll through and answer the questions of your choice. You can cut and paste your old response if you like as a reference. You can just answer in your own words now.

4. Submit when ready. Be sure to send a new photo if you like. Otherwise, we will use the current photo in both the orignal and update posts.

You can read the current Q&A’s along with more information about the project at http://www.pghlesbian.com/amplify


If you leave an answer blank, we’ll insert “No response” in the final post.

We reserve the right to edit or reject posts if we deem them to be inappropriate, damaging or unsafe.

Hopefully, this is a good way to create room to document how life changes.


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