Influenster Review: Cesar Dog Food Not Fit For My Dog

I’m an Influenster which means I occasionally receive boxes of stuff to review. I’ve decided to be more diligent about tracking my interviews by posting on my blog.

First up is Cesar Dog Food – Filet Mignon Flavor gourmet dry dog food.

To be honest, I don’t know why I ended up with this product. I think Cesar Milan is a terrible human being who uses cruelty to train. What’s worse, he teaches lots and lots of people to think this is okay. So I would certainly NOT trust his name on a pet product as a selling point. In fact, I would typically run the other way.

Cesar Milan Dog Food
All paws down for this food. Get a good brand and don’t support dog trainers who use cruel tactics.

But the food arrived and I decided to give it a try. With my dog, not myself.

Our taster is an approximately 11 year old Chihuahua mix named Anastasia ‘Ana’ who is currently the only dog in residence. She typically eats Avoderm wet and dry food with some treats here and there. Unofficially, she supplements her diet with surreptitious mouthfuls of unattended cat food.

Ana has some relatively new skin allergies and a wee bit of asthma so we are careful to control her exposure to foods and substances that might trigger her.

Ana tends to like garbage food. Beggin Strips are her all time favorite thing followed closely by anything that’s gross and smelly and likely to not actually be a food material.

I offered Ana some of the kibble. Her tail was wagging as I opened the zip top and she was sniffing at the air. But when I put the kibble down, she looked at me with dismay. She sniffed the pieces, picked one up in her mouth and then spat it out. If she could wrinkle her nose and give me side-eye, this would be the moment.

Ana turned her back on the food.

I extended the bag for her to sniff and she sneezed, then ran into the kitchen to comfort herself with the remnants of her breakfast.

One of our cats was excited about the box. I let him sniff the food which he ignored as he apparently just wanted a napping spot in the shipping container.

So the dog who eats cat poop and the cat who eats raw pork chops both declined to even taste the Cesar food.

And there you have it. This stuff is not good. A high quality food is very important for your dog’s health and the sort of investment that saves you money in the long run. There are plenty of store brand foods that can get the job done without supporting animal cruelty tactics embraced by Cesar Milan.

So this pouch of dog food heads to the compost big. I will be posting this review on the sites requested by Influenster and then recycling the box. I received a free sample of this food in exchange for this review. Here’s hoping my future flowers like it.

Rating: Terrible



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