#CatCar Repainted at #PghPride by the Most Wanted Fine Art Crew

It has been a busy Pride season for us. In less than two weeks time, we:

But we had a big fun project, too, when we repainted my art car known as ‘The Cat Car’ which promotes the AMPLIFY Project. We set up an art car exhibit at Pride on the Square in a nice shady nook of Market Square. Team Most Wanted Fine Art brought along four other art cars to lend their ‘brand credibility’ as long-time allies to the LGBTQ community and LGBTQ community artists in particular.

And they went to work on the Cat Car which was first painted about a year ago. It need some fine touchups as well as some new twists and turns.

Pittsburgh Pridefest
Original paint job

One of my favorite moments after arriving was a dude walking through Market Square towards the Arts Festival. He said to his buddy “Hey, look they’ve got pink pizza slices painted on the tires of that car.”

I mean … pink pizza slices? That’s a new one.

Pittsburgh Pridefest
A work in progress …

Artist Kai Devenitch (l) and Jason Sauer (r) spent five hours repainting the car.

#AMPLIFY readers stopped by to cheer us on …

This was made possible by generous donors who saw my plea on Facebook and responded. Your support makes it possible to compensate artists like Jason and Kai who invest in the project with their creative skills and so much more. A huge thanks to Vanessa German, Sam Laffey, James Street Gastropub, Ben S., Porter Love Creative, PK, Maggie R and everyone else who donated to make this happen.

Jason, Ledcat and Kai enjoy a job well done.

They spent five hours on an 85+ degree day (their day off) at this event. Their families came by so Jason set up a swing and a picnic table for the kids. We had coloring pages, lots of conversations and no pink pizza.

Driver side, finished product
Passenger side view.
And here’s why we call it the Cat Car.

Finally, my favorite addition … the roof paint job.

Cats do really walk across the roofs of cars …

Just this morning, I received an invitation to speak to the Democratic Committee in Elk County in the fall. Members are concerned that LGBTQ residents don’t have supports and are leaving for pinker pastures. I’m going to take the CatCar. I’m going to take pink triangles and drive through Elk County and Forest County and Cameron County to show people that they are seen and they can be heard via The AMPLIFY Project.

Because the car will need an annual touch up (paint chips and peels), we hope to return annually to Pride on the Square as long as there is a Cat Car.

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