Her Name Was Kala Thomas

Kala Thomas Pittsburgh
Via Facebook

She was 25 years old and lived in the Garfield neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s East End.

Her name was Kala Thomas.

She was a mother to two sets of twins, according to WPXI. According to her Facebook page, one set are school aged and the youngest are just three months old. Oh, those sweet babies.

Kala was reported missing as of 3:30 PM Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday evening, her body was discovered over a hillside on North Atlantic Avenue. Her vehicle was discovered not far away soon after. Police consider this a homicide.

I’ll keep you updated.

Please keep Kala’s children and her family in your thoughts. Someone robbed a black mother of her opportunity parent and robbed four black children of their mama. Whatever their motive, the impact is clear – they’ve utterly destroyed five black lives.

UPDATE – here is a link to several ways you can donate to support Kala’s children.