Those Were The Days & Should Be Again (on Netflix)

Which fall shows should totally be canceled already?

OK, so nope to that prompt.

Instead, here is my list of shows that should be picked up by Netflix and/or Amazon Prime already.

All in the Family/The Jeffersons/Good Times/Maude – Norman Lear’s relevance to modern times can’t be overemphasized. We need Florida, Archie and Weezy to help us have important conversations. OK, so we need all of the characters because it was the ensemble that made each show work.

One Day at a Time – I remember the episode about suicide quite vividly. Divorcee raising two teens in a town not unlike Pittsburgh. Schneider was a sexist jagoff, but his working class lifestyle as the maintenance man often saved the day (like the CB radio tracking down Barbara’s friend after her comments about suicide.)

Alice – an underappreciated examination of working class life. Alice could only afford a one bedroom apt so she slept on the pullout sofa for all the seasons while her son Tommy took the bedroom. Vera lived in a studio apartment with a loft bed. Flo lived in a trailer.

Family – a functioning family dealing with lots of “very special moment” realities including alcoholism, divorce, sexism, lots of teen angst and blended families.

After-school Specials: the complete collection –  Do I really need to explain?

Solid Gold – Mostly because Darcel Wynne was the absolute highlight of my teen years. I just googled her and discovered that she is from Pittsburgh.

There are loads of old school sitcoms that would be amazing to watch, but I suspect that revisiting the glory days of the 70s and 80s is the most financially lucractive to draw in new subscribers.


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