Looking Up The Family Nuts #NaBloPoMo

What do you think we could all do better with if we looked at it with a child’s eyes?

Yesterday, we spent the holiday with Ledcat’s family which includes Ava, age 10 (almost 11) and Jack, age 8 (8 and a 1/2 in his terms.) Ava was assigned to make the name tags for our dinner plates. She had to write at least one thing she was grateful for about each of us. The things she values about us are both hysterical and absolutely wonderful

"because she makes me laugh and is hard working"
“because she makes me laugh and is hard working”


"because she always makes funny jokes about Aunt Laura and she is always willing to look up old family facts"
“because she always makes funny jokes about Aunt Laura and she is always willing to look up old family facts”

So Ava basically thinks we are both funny, that Laura is a hardworker and that I am overly invested in genealogy. Bingo!

Bonus moment – when Laura’s mom read the cards out loud and misread mine as “willing to look up old family nuts” which sent everyone into hysterics, including her.

To answer the question, we could all benefit by looking at what we appreciate about other people through a child’s eye – for good and for bad. The honesty and lack of guile is helpful. Being viewed as funny and a hardworker is pretty good combination. It makes me look at Ledcat with renewed appreciation.

What were you grateful for (or not) about the adults in your life when you were ten?


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