Do My Friends Read My Blog?

One of the best ways to irritate your Facebook friends is a status update that insists we prove our friendship/loyalty by reposting, leaving a comment, etc followed by a sad acknowledgement that you already know that less than 3% of the people reading will CARE enough to participate.

I mean obviously if I don’t share your post, I am a big fan of pediatric cancer and not at all interested in you as a person. Duh?

That being said, it comes as a surprise to me to realize that most of my friends do not read my blog. Not a soul crushing, kick to the gut type of surprise, but a little “a ha” moment here and there.

Typically, this comes up in casual conversation. We’ll be chit chatting about Topic A and my friend will ask me a question that I just wrote a 2 part blog post about. Now usually I just bulldoze into the topic and mention that I blogged about it as a way of demonstrating my interest and/or knowledge about the issue. I don’t say “Didn’t you read my blog post?” or at least I don’t think that I do.

Inevitably, the other person cringes when I mention the blog and offers me an explanation as to why they didn’t read it. I rush to assure them that its fine and not a reflection on our friendship. A few people will say “I must have missed that post” and then ask me ten minutes later about their own Facebook status that I didn’t see. The irony of how a blog works and how Facebook’s feed works is typically lost on them.

And so it goes …

If you are not reading this, that’s fine. Really. I promise you that I don’t read all of your Facebook posts, nor look at each photo you share. Even when the entire “First Grade Graduation” album does pop up in my Facebook feed, I probably just click a general like and don’t look at all 28 images.

I don’t know your latest race time, I haven’t read the book you suggested and I’m not following Christian superstars on social media no matter how many !!!!!! you use to entice me.

This blog is for the people who want to read it. And that’s okay. If I write something I really want you personally to read, I’ll push it to you and ask you to read it. You can still say no. Or yes. Or maybe. Or whatever you want.

Here’s a secret – Ledcat doesn’t read it regularly, either. As she says, I give her the live rundown every single night so she doesn’t want to read the spoilers. Ha.

Now cut and paste this into your Facebook status to show you support queer blogging. 🙂


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