Best of the Burghosphere: ‘lil Burghers is the Blog Most Likely to Practice What They Preach

Note: Ledcat stepped in to present lil burghers with their award after a little mishap with the original assignment. but if anyone understands last-minute changes at bat, it is the blogger with four kids including infant twins ~ Sue

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I’ve been watching preparation for the ‘Best of the Burghosphere’ from the sidelines for a few months now with an occasional twinge to start blogging again myself. So I appreciate the chance to step in and blog about someone whom I actually know in person as well as via the ‘burghosphere’ – Becky Willis of ‘lil Burghers.

Let me backup and make sure I include the proper language. Best of the Burghosphere is a brand new project to showcase the diverse blogs in the Pittsburgh region.

Most Wanted Fine Art is pleased to team up with Pittsburgh Bloggers to acknowledge and honor the contributions of bloggers through Pittsburgh’s blogosphere (aka “Burghosphere”) with an awards ceremony that also pays tribute to our love for all lists Top Ten.

Whether blogging is an art, craft or off-shoot of journalism, it is a labor of love and creativity that infuses our lives with new ideas and an unparalled opportunity to engage (and sometimes, outrage) our community. To be a blogger is to be among the best. There is no ranking, no competition and no criteria. The act of blogging is all that is required.

I like to walk to the beat of my own drum, so I’m going to give this award to Becky AND Greg Willis. As the long-suffering partner of a blogger myself, I know that Greg contributes to the success of ‘lil Burghers as much as Becky. He’s probably heard “Just one more paragraph” when dinner is ready. Or at bedtime. Or at the beach while on vacation. He also cheerfully poses for photos. And more photos. And one thing that makes their sweet blog so successful is their authenticity. They are some of the rare people who I know who practice what they preach and that includes the content of the blog.

Becky’s journey through her most recent pregnancy was a journey that also included Greg and their older children. They shared the ups and downs, not afraid to ask for support or to share their mistakes with the readers. The blog is a real life glimpse into the life of a modern family. It is a gift to be given that glimpse and to know that this family walks the walk – with a double stroller. They walk to their church, they walk to blogging events, charitable events and they even walk in the Pride march as allies.

I read Becky’s updates on Facebook, updates that flesh out the day-to-day experiences in the blog posts. Her writing style is engaging and makes me want to keep coming back to read the next chapter in the lives of the ‘lil Burghers.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Becky (& Greg) Willis is one of the Best of the Burghosphere, but also some of the best folks in Pittsburgh. Congratulations, Becky.

Over 20 bloggers are participating in this project. Visit Most Wanted Fine Art’s website to read about the other awards and show your support for bloggers (and their families!)

lil burghers
Greg, Becky and family



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