Merry Christmas: My Dog Beat Cancer

dog cancer
The many faces of Xander smiling.

Today, Xander wagged his tail for the first time since surgery. A full butt-wiggling wagging, not just a tepid little twitch. He’s not permitted to bound into the yard until his stitches are removed, but he’s got some bounding energy in that tail wag.

I took a call from an unfamiliar number without thinking about it. I have almost no voice left so it wasn’t perhaps the best decision, but I croaked my way through the greetings. It was the vet calling to tell me that Xander’s lab results were back. The 3 inch tumor they excised from his rear leg was Stage One which means that the likelihood of the cancer spreading or returning to that spot are pretty low – the best possible news. They also found “clean margins” which means that they probably got all of the cancerous cells.

No radiation. No chemotherapy. Just continued recovery from the surgery and life returns to normal for my 13 year old guy and his littermate brother.


Seriously, whew. I am very grateful that he came through this as well as possible and with minimal disruption. I’m also grateful not to have make “big” decisions for a 13 year old dog. I want to focus on things like “Should I buy more pill pockets?” and “How many more photos can I take today before Instagram revolts?” And just enjoy their time with me.

Life has been rather dull (except for the water heater dying) so there hasn’t been much to share. We all nap, we eat small meals, we get excited when Ledcat comes home. We take our medication.

We got it good. Christmas is just icing on this cake.

Xander has a bald rear end, but he enjoys his new senior dog bed
Exactly how many photos are you going to take?
Take this, cancer!


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