When Harry Met Sally and Sue

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

So this is a fun prompt. And I need a bit of fun, so here we go.

One of my favorite movie’s is When Harry Met Sally. It is funny, heartfelt and has lots of ridiculously gorgeous sets.

And it has Carrie Fisher as Marie. Everyone loves the spunky sidekick and Fisher nails it in this movie, along with the wonderful Bruno Kirby. The film masterfully uses the Marie/Jess relationship as a backdrop for Harry and Sally.

So I would insert myself into this script as Marie’s younger sister. Here’s why

  • Fun, snarky lunches with Sally & Marie discussing fascinating topics like love & writing with a bit more snootiness and bit less self-absorption than the Sex in the City gals.
  • Board game night at Jess and Marie’s apartment seems really fun.
  • Inventing reasons to get Marie to say “You’re right, You’re right, I know you’re right” on random topics.
  • Great clothing including adorable coats and hats.
  • Marie would naturally invite her sister to many of the movie’s pivotal scenes – her wedding, her move-in day, her New Years Eve party.
  • The movie lacks diversity so adding a lesbian could help.

I wouldn’t really have a storyline. I could be in a stable relationship with a good job and none of the drama both Marie and Sally experience. But I’d get to tag along on all sorts of iconic moments and experience New York City in the fall and winter like it is only experienced via Hollywood. With great clothes and movie star friends like Carrie Fisher. I could just be in those (fake) moments and then have the Blue Ray edition of the movie for long term memories.

I’m totally in this for the scenery and the atmosphere, not a storyline. Maybe for the winter clothing, too.

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