#ArtisticVisionPgh QnA with Sam Thorp

This Q&A series focuses on artists contributing to the #ArtisticVisionPgh project cosponsored by Most Wanted Fine Art and Penn Avenue Eyewear. Today, we talk with Sam Thorp. Sam is a familiar face to our readers – we shared their story as part of another series, LGBTQ&A in 2013.

Sam Thorp
Image: Sam Thorp

Name: Sam Thorp

Website: graphicanatomy.com

Twitter: @samth0r

How old were you when you first had to wear glasses? My thirties. No big deal. I remember when I was in grade school it was common to pick on kids who had glasses. I managed to avoid that.

How old were you when you had to pay for the glasses you wear? My thirties. Not great. Not awful. But not great either.

Have you ever had to “fix” your own glasses with tape, string, glue, etc? I’ve fixed a few loose screws.

Tell me about a character in literature, film, television or other pop culture who wore glasses and how that resonated with you for good or for bad. Clark Kent wore glasses as a disguise. That still stays with me…. wearing glasses is more of a “mild mannered thing’.

Describe your relationship with your glasses now. I still avoid wearing them as much as possible. I only wear them when i really need to. I am concerned about my vision getting weaker.

There’s a pervasive stigma about wearing glasses for young and old, but an equally pervasive idea that glasses indicate intelligence (or hipness.) Explain that duality. I think the “four eyes” stigma was worst in the past or for children. Now it does not seem like such a big deal. It seems more of a fashion statement than anything else.

Can you describe how the cost of vision health services has had a negative impact on your life? It can be prohibitive. I avoided updating my prescription simply because i could not avoid it.

Tell me about your work for this exhibitBright, colorful and positive.

How can readers learn more about your work? graphicanatomy.com

Thanks, Sam.

If you are enjoying this Q&A series, please join us for the Art Auction on Friday, September 12 at The Waterfront. The event is free. A portion of the proceeds will benefit charity (the other portion benefits the artists!)


Artistic Vision Pgh


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