Ledcat Got Mansplained


Tell us about something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud. The other night, Ledcat had to give a brief presentation on a work related topic. A member of the group she was addressing hijacked her presentation to give *his* spin […]

Verbal Ticks Are Not Cool

Is there a word or a phrase you use (or overuse) all the time, and are seemingly unable to get rid of? If not, what’s the one that drives you crazy when others use it?  This reminds me of a story. I was 25 and living in Kentucky, working in social service ministry. I had […]

Adventures in CSA: Chapter Two

So our first week trying to consume an entire share of produce from the Kretschman Farm CSA. That was quite a challenge. We were defeated, I must admit. I never made it to preparing the Swiss Chard. We dried the herbs and dove into leafy green salads – green leaf lettuce, spinach and more. And […]

Cloning Equality

Pittsburgh LGBT

If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited — a building, a cultural institution, a common street food, etc. — and bring it back to your own hometown, what would it be? I actually put together an entire plan to do this – to study best practices in LGBTQ municipal equality via a […]

The Power of Imagination


What’s the oldest thing you own? (Toys, clothing, twinkies, Grecian urns: anything’s fair game.) Recount its history — from the object’s point of view. I hate antique stores. I’m sure it traces back to incredibly dull childhood visits at my grandmother’s house where everything was encased in plastic to protect it from – us?  Don’t sit on […]

Kuhn’s Market Fundraises for Catholic Group Suing Feds Over Contraception

We are pretty consistent Giant Eagle shoppers, but last week in a hurry we decided to stop in to the Kuhn’s Market on McKnight Road. It wasn’t our first trip, but I noticed something different. This was at every single register.     This seemingly innocuous little collection box supports one of the driving forces […]

How Can You Resist These Eyes? Like The Page!

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents


Arrest in Murder of Brittany Kidd-Stergis, Another Trans Woman Murdered in Baltimore

There is “mixed” news to share this morning with regard to violence against the trans community. In Baltimore, a 40-year-old trans woman named Kandy Hall was found murdered in a field on June 5, 2014. Not only are there no leads in the case, but Kandy is almost a mystery. Her friends quotes in this […]

Comes To Life? Are You Kidding Me?


One day, your favorite piece of art — a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door — comes to life. What happens next? I’m wracking my brains on this one. This is what I’ve come up with 1. My favorite calendar is cats gone crazy. Unleashing a herd of calendar cats in my home […]