How to Spend $1 Million in Just One Blog Post

You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?

Fun story – so there are missing branches of my family tree. No aunts that I’m aware of, but definitely cousins who are wayfaring strangers. For example, the babies in this photo I inherited from my paternal grandmother are unknown. I suspect that they are the twin daughters of my great-grand aunt Margaret Rice Kirsh Reilly. Margaret was married to Harold Kirsh and they had twin daughters circa 1925, Dorothy and Louise Kirsh. Margaret divorced Harold and remarried. She had a son with her second husband. I have no idea what happened to any of her three children, but they allegedly stayed in Pittsburgh. So if you happen to know the Kirsh family or a man named Bud Reilly, drop me a line.

Possible missing aunts?
Possible missing aunts?

The age old question. Instead of pontificating, I’m going to list the first things that come to mind. Let’s assume paying off debt is an obvious first decision.

  1. Buy Ledcat a brand new hybrid small SUV in powder blue.
  2. New “elder friendly” dog and cat beds for everyone. Heated, cushioned, etc.
  3. Landscape the backyard.
  4. Pay the GLCC’s rent for 2 years. Also, purchase ads for the GLCC in every single LGBTQ program/publication as my way to support the community.
  5. I will NOT start a foundation, a 501c3 or any such thing.
  6. Donation to the Food Bank to hire staff to run Pgh Tote Bag Project for at least 2 years.
  7. Fly to NYC to see my college roommate and meet her son, then go have lunch with Andy at a fancy restaurant (my treat) and give him a big hug.
  8. Invest what’s left so Ledcat doesn’t worry about retirement as much.
  9. Oh, maybe go to see the Pacific Ocean.
  10. More carefully review genealogy records to identify other potential missing rich relatives.


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