General Hospital Dragged My Attention Away From the Gay Storyline

Yinz know that I’ve spent the better part of a year waiting for the return of Lucas Jones to General Hospital and his big gay storyline. And I wasn’t terribly disappointed either with the slow build or the possibility of a gay male love triangle, especially one featuring two men of color.

GH Gay Characters
Felix (l), Lucas (c) and Brad (r)

Slow is a bit of an understatement. Felix finally agreed to go out with Brad the morning after Brad hooked up with Lucas. Lucas sort of backed off, but made it clear he was interested in Brad. Felix dumped Brad over a work issue. Brad and Lucas rehooked up and then Lucas dumped Brad when the big reveal about little baby Ben/Rocco was disclosed. Now, Lucas might be making overtures to Felix and Brad is just not around.

OK, so that’s soapy. But move over, guys, because you have been completely overshadowed and outperformed and left in the dust by the magic goodness of Dr. Liesel Westbourne Obrecht and her newly arrived in town sister, Magda Westbourne aka Madeline West played by the delightful nighttime soap diva, Donna Mills.

GH Gay Characters
Donna Mills as Madeline West aka Magda Westbourne


GH gay characters
Dr. Liesel Obrecht nee Westbourne


Oh, yeah, they gave Dr. Obrecht a sister. And a long-lost biological son. And a juicy “what happened to the missing embryo” storyline.

It is absolutely GLORIOUS.


Donna Mills is doing a great job delivering the drama and intrigue with a heaping dose of dripping upper-class condescension. But I have to give a lot of credit to Kathleen Gati as Liesel Obrecht. She’s fused mysterious genius European doctor with diabolical plotting with the occasional glimpse of maternal instinct, all topped off with impeccable comedic timing. She more than holds her own with the 80’s diva and they both take the whole storyline to a wonderful level.

GH gay characters
Arrested for murdering her daughter Nina and framing Nina’s husband!


GH Gay Characters
Arrested for stealing Lulu’s embryo, kidnapping Ben Westbourne and shooting Elizabeth Webber!


Obrecht has done all sorts of evil things – she kidnapped Robin, kept Robert imprisoned, kidnapped Ben (twice), shot Elizabeth, resurrected Stefan Cassadine, pushed Brad off a parapet, stole Lulu and Dante’s embryos and more. Plus, she worships Helena Cassadine. I should hate her, but I am so invested in keeping her on-screen.

If only GH had invested the same level of character development in Brad. I’d love to see Brad become Britta’s partner in crime and BFF and have a fleshed out dastardly storyline of his own.

GH, I am so pleased with how you are addressing your first adult LGBTQ storyline, but please keep the Liesel/Magda tale unfolding – it is magic!


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