We all loathe nightmares. Mine tend to come and go in spurts, usually linked to some stressor but lately a “spurt” has been hanging around. I wake up with adrenaline coursing through me so I can’t sleep, but I’m exhausted after a week of this.

I’ve tried all sorts of things – soothing cups of tea, music, meditation, etc. I explored my current demons. I reviewed my bank balance. I even came up with a new tact to earn money.

Last night, we went to “Soup Night” at a friend of Laura’s from high school. She made 3 homemade soups which we enjoyed with some of her friends and family. It was really quite lovely – the food was delicious, she even had plastic Valentine’s Day themed table coverings. It was one of those unexpectedly lovely evenings. I came home and hoped it would do the trick, but alas – the dreams came back.

So today, I’m really tired. I can’t think of something perspective to blog about except the perspective of being really tired after a week of nightmares. So rather than be interesting, I’ll be dull.

Conversation overheard in restaurant:
Group of 20somethings not wearing coats “We love eggrolls.” Over and over. Louder and louder.

Guy 1: “This place has steak. Let’s get that, too.”

Woman 1: “No let’s take egg rolls to the bar.”

Louder and louder until owner seats everyone with water while they decide. They send guy with coat to buy beer. We eat faster.

Beer returns. We finish eating and run out the door.


We made it! And off to the coffee house …

If I have nightmares about scantily clad twenty something chanting about egg rolls … perhaps an improvement.


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