General Hospital Explores How Someone Learns Homophobia

I think my dream job would be to write about the soaps. I’d have to get cable. I might also like to write for the soaps.

Last week on GH, Lucas Jones revealed that he’s gay to long-presumed-dead bio father and mobster, Julian Jerome. It was a pretty intense series of scenes – Julian reeled a bit, but tried to explain his thoughts. OF COURSE he made comments about Lucas needing to man up and perhaps needing a better male role model than Tony. But I have to give the show credit – Lucas was clearly pushing Julian to prove himself and Julian was struggling. It was clear Lucas expected Julian to denounce him – and somewhat faithful to our ongoing experiences coming out over and over again.

Julian has a point about regretting missing out on raising Lucas, but Tony Jones was no angel. He resurrected Stavros Cassadine, the first time. Tony was also not responsible for Lucas being orphaned and Julian does seem well aware of that fact. I wonder though how much Julian knows about Tony? That might  be interesting in the future, but right now it is important that Tony was 100% there for his son when he came out.

Then GH sent him to Alexis for a thwarted booty call and she gave him some advice so he came around. That was an interesting exploration of how someone learns homophobia, Julian talked about what he learned about manhood from his father and the way his father treated a gay relative, etc. I though that lesson was key – homophobia is a learned fear. Julian appears determined to unlearn it, to change himself because he wants to be part of Lucas’ life – that’s a refreshing twist on the “let’s send you off to conversion therapy, son” plots.



So, apparently, we are going to see the story of Julian coming to terms with his own homophobia. The “come to Jesus” moment was about his realization that he is homophobia and needed to apologize for his actions even if he needs some time to come to terms with his own beliefs. Not an ideal experience, but vastly more realistic than Sami Brady fleeing the room when Will came out to her on Days of Our Lives.

Finally, I do think we are going to see some of the devious side of Lucas. His lover and new friend Brad gave him a comforting hug, a gesture of friendship even though he had made it clear that he was interested in Felix. I think we are going to see a complicated gay man evolve as Lucas takes root in Port Charles – he’s not above manipulating Brad to get him into bed. And I don’t think he’ll be above manipulating Julian a bit. But that’s storyline.

GH has said it –  we learn to be homophobic. And parents who love their kids and want to have good relationships work to unlearn it.

How many conversations like this have you had?



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