GH Airs First “Gay Kiss” – And You Might Be Surprised

A week ago Friday, Lucas Jones made his highly anticipated return appearance on General Hospital. Within one episode, he was thrust in the frontburner storyline of his long-presumed dead biological father, Julian Jerome.

After that unexpected encounter, Lucas lied to his mother about his overnight plans (he is a grown man) and didn’t clarify where he spent the night. Then this happened a few scenes later:



Lucas is on the very styling track suit and the object of his attention? That’s GH lab director, Brad Cooper. Brad had *just* ended a phone call making plans for his first date with nurse Felix DuBois. He was giddy as a school boy that Felix had finally agreed to go out with him.

Then this!

The dialogue suggests that Lucas and Brad spent the previous night together. The night before Brad knew Felix was interested. Like all great soapy storylines – timing is never right. And the soap discussion boards are exploding with outrage that we might have a love triangle revolving around BRAD COOPER rather than around Lucas. Because Lucas is the son of Dr. Tony Jones and Nurse Bobbie Spencer, a stalwright couple and he’s supposed to be a good guy. I mean yes his mother was a prostitute, blackmailer, baby stealer, adulteress, and married to a Cassadine. And his father, well he kidnapped a baby, cheated on Bobbie with her own daughter, tried to kill Carly, and resurrected a Cassadine from the dead. But other than that, they were great parents.

Lucas is a cad! At least it appears that way and its great storytelling, a really terrific twist to have Lucas use Brad for sex and Brad probably use him right back. I think that’s what has people up in arms  — aside from the man kissing — is the fact that men have sex with other men. Maybe right above Kelly’s Diner. Two apparently single consenting adult men had sex the very night Lucas returned to town and OMG they kissed on-screen.

Shocking, I know. What is this world coming to when soap operas telling stories like that? In between the comatose wife, the 5 person mob war, the kidnapping of Carly (and the fact that no one is actually searching for her)  and the fact that the new Chief of Staff of General Hospital is a cartoonish vixen villainous.

It is gonna be a great 2014 in Port Charles! Maybe we’ll meet a lesbian character.

Until then, we have a love triangle, actually a multi-ethnic love triangle which is also pretty unique.

GH Gay Love Story
Felix, Lucas and Brad.


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