Lucas Jones is Possibly Television’s Most Highly Anticipated Gay Character

For months and months, he’s been discussed and paired off with potential love interests, his backgroun scrutinized, his family ties creating interesting knots on the current canvas of general Hospital.

His name is Lucas Jones and he is gay. And he is returning to the canvas very soon.

Quick recap – Lucas is the biological son of Cheryl Stansbury and Julian Jerome. He was illegally adopted by Bobbie Spencer as an infant, but by age 18 months was back in the arms of his mother. Julian was presumed dead. Cheryl died in a car accident and left custody to Bobbie and her husband Tony Jones. After a minor custody battle with Cheryl’s sister Tiffany, Bobbie and Tony formally adopted Lucas and he was raised as part of the Jones family. In his teen years, Lucas came out. Mom Bobbie was not thrilled. Dad Tony gave his blessing to his son on his death bed (that was a sad scene.) Lucas had no real storyline and disappeared – we learned this spring that he was in Seattle with Bobbie and was a confirmed bachelor.

Currently, Lucas is a hot commodity because his biological father, Julian Jerome, returned from the dead. Lucas also now has another sister – Sam Morgan is Julian’s biological daughter. Julian doesn’t know about Lucas. Sam let his name slip and now Julian is curious but distracted by his mob war with Sonny Corinthos. Still, it is just a matter of time. How do we know? Because Lucas has been cast.

Ryan Carnes Lucas Jones
Ryan Carnes

Actor Ryan Carnes has been re-cast as Lucas with no set air date. Carnes played Lucas two versions ago, leaving during the coming out story.

There is a ton of speculation about what could happen, so let me review a few “facts”

Lucas has two sisters, Carly (Bobbie’s daughter) and Sam (Julian’s daughter) who themselves have a love hate relationship.

Lucas was close with his cousins by adoption, Maxie and Georgie among others of that teen scene. However, Maxie’s custody battle was with Lucas’ other cousin, Lulu Spencer Falconeri.

There are two gay men on the canvas, Felix who is an African-American nurse and Brad who is an Asian-American lab technician. They have a blossoming romance. I mention their ethnicity because it will be unusual to have three gay man on the canvas and interesting to see how they interact with Lucas. We might see gay male friendships.

Lucas has 3 nephews (Michael, Morgan and Danny)  and one niece (Josslyn.) His other cousins Aidan and Cam Spencer (through Lucky) and Ethan Spencer (who is mentioned every once in awhile.) Lucas would probably have a good relationship with Robin while growing up even though he was considerably younger than her.

Then there is Julian – he’s about to find himself a long-lost son who happens to be gay and whose personality is yet unknown. Lucas is extended family to Sonny Corinthos, Julian’s enemy, via Carly Corinthos Jax and Sonny’s fondness for the Spencers. Lucas was kidnapped by the Cassadines and held captive to force Tony Jones to resurrect Stavros Cassadine. His sister Sam is a Cassadine. *awkward*

Many are assuming Lucas is a doctor which would be great because it would give him storyline time with people outside of the mob families – especially Felix and Brad. The doctors have been depleted of late to basically Patrick, Britt and now Robin with Monica making an occasional appearance.  It also hits some legacy notes which have been a highlight of this past year on GH – it’s 50th anniversary on the air. The Jones family is basically Maxie and she’s more of a Scorpio because both of her parents abandoned her. She also needs a new storyline, but I digress.

Granted everyone on GH is either a health care professional, a mobster, law enforcement career or just rich.

I’d say 25% of the visitors to my page this  month came looking for scoop on Lucas Jones. Why? Well, it has almost been an entire year since rumors surfaced that he would return. The show has paced some big reveals pretty well – Julian’s return from the dead (and the fact that Robert Scorpio helped him), Sam’s paternity, as well as the big reveal that Robin is alive. Lucas’ names has been dropped repeatedly in recent weeks and his mother – Bobbie Spencer – is back in town. Days of Our Lives has done such a terrific job with their gay characters, Will and Sonny, that I believe GH fans are clamoring for an equally powerful story arc. The Young and the Restless has bunk and the Bold and the Beautiful lost the actor who played their lesbian character to another show so they are languishing, too.

GH has done a good job building the relationship between Felix and Brad. Brad is somewhat despicable but admit it and clearly adores Felix. Felix has some shadowy secret that hasn’t been explored, but their interaction has increased. GH is the first show to explore the lives of characters who are already out, not coming out. So that’s an interesting twist.

And there’s another factor – Lucas is what is considered a legacy character. The Spencers have been onscreen since the 1970s. The Jones’ since the mid 1980s as well as the Jerome family. Even his aunt Tiffany was on during the early 1980s. People saw him born and sort of grow up – they want to know what’s happened with him. They want to see him plunge into storylines.

So this is where it’s been left. Carly and Lucas gave Sam a sample of Lucas DNA to determine that Julian was her father. Then Sam and Carly learned Julian is alive and is the man they’ve known as Derek Wells. Sam made a lapse in speech about Lucas not wanting anything to do with Julian and he was perplexed who Lucas is. She brushed it off. But Ava pointed out that there’s  a Luke Spencer in town. So it won’t be long until he figures it out.

I hope Lucas is a complicated character. We’ll see!


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