How To Do Less With Less

The Prompt: What do you want to do less of in 2014?

I’m striving for relentlessly upbeat here.

First, drive less. In 2013, I put less than 500 miles on my personal car. Granted, we put a lot of miles on Laura’s vehicle, but overall I drove a lot less. How I will accomplish this will come under tomorrow’s prompt (What will you do more of in 2014?)

Second, stay home less. I’ve been quite a homebody this year and not in a good nesting way. So I need to spend less time at home and by that I mean literally in my house. Social anxiety is a self-sustaining demon – if I stay home, I feel safe and because I pretty much am safe, my anxiety is lessened. But I’m not healthier. So less with the homebody and more with the …well, wait for tomorrow to find out.

Third, I need spend less time being cranky and spend less energy spewing my cranky opinions into the universe via my blog, social media and general rants. You know the posts I mean. This is energy better invested in constructive deconstruction of stuff and righteous fury, right? And soap opera updates.

Fourth, I want to spend less time taking pictures of my pets and more time engaging them.

Fifth, I want to leave less half-full glasses of beverages around the house. (This was suggested by Ledcat.) In my case, each day there are at least 3 glasses that are half-full which I think is a good thing, right? I can explain – I usually don’t carry glasses down the steps b/c I sometimes stumble going down (med side effect) so I leave them for her to carry. And while I tried using plastic tumblers, someone got them stuck together and they had to be recycled. Ahem. So perhaps tomorrow I can add “purchase new plastic tumbler” to my things to do more list and it will be a win/win?

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