The Couch

The Prompt: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

For the past 7 years, I have composed nearly all of my blog posts from the right side of our blue love seat using my 7+ year old Dell Inspiron Laptop. Occasionally, I’ve used a library computer or my phone. But this is my spot.

Our living room has high ceilings, a pine floor, a gas fire-place that’s not working and assorted cats and dogs. I have paper crammed into a nook beside my corner of the couch. We keep a lot of magazines in the room as well. It’s not tidy, but it’s clean and comfortable.

The house came with recessed lighting which I rarely use. I turn on the entryway light and a floor lamp, that’s it. Other than the glow of the computer screen. Most of the living floor is occupied by dog beds, basket for dog toys (and some shoes) and assorted items. It’s pretty quiet except for the snoring of the pets. Most days, I turn on NPR in the kitchen, but can’t really hear it.

The room fronts onto a semi busy neighborhood street adjacent to a highway so there’s a steady drum of traffic flowing by as a sort of white noise. The street itself is quiet during the day – after 8 years, I’m still disconcerted at how loud someone sounds simply having a conversation on the sidewalk in front of our house. I have the shades tilted so I can see who is knocking at our door – I get an advance warning on that by the snoozing hounds. And I can admit that when someone’s talking annoys me, I purposefully get the dogs a barking so they keep walking. 🙂

In the middle of our street is a big concrete crack so when a truck or delivery vehicle rolls by, it sounds like the world is ending. My next door neighbor is a big fan of QVC so that happens quite a bit. I do answer when I see UPS so I can collect her packages for her if she’s not at home. I’m not all bad.

The couch itself was Ledcat’s. It is very pretty and sturdy, but a modern style that is not my personal taste. I like big shlmupy couches that the dogs can use. Our dogs can’t even all fit on this couch, especially if a person is involved. But the blue color is gorgeous and does perk up the room. And its the perfect fit for me to nap so that’s a plus. The seat is a little low for the tv tray I use as a desk, so I have stuffed pillows to sit upon on my side of the sofa. It feels weird to not sit on them, even if I’m not using the laptop.

Illegal activity on the love seat. Ssshhh.
Illegal activity on the love seat. Ssshhh.

The tv trays are a set from Target – a lightwood color.  Sturdy enough to handle an occasional cat launch. Instead of a fan, I prop the laptop on two books and use an actual fan in the summer if the computer heats up too much. Which means I need an extra pillow to sit on – I’m pretty high maintenance with my  fancy office setting 🙂

A change of scenery can be good – both out in the community and sometimes, the kitchen. But the kitchen plug situation is dicey and then I am intruding on cat napping territory. So that is only under duress.

PostScript: As I was editing this post, we discussed replacing the love seat. I have to admit I felt a little sentimental about that decision. 7 years of creating together is a long time.




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