Sometimes Irony Is Rewarding

A few weeks ago, I reached out to David Highfield from KDKA TV News to invite him to serve as a guest caller for OUTrageous Bingo. Last night, he took the stage.

David Highfield leading the crowd in the Bingo Pledge
David Highfield leading the crowd in the Bingo Pledge

He was a hit!

A few hours later, this happened:

I won a TV!


See how that works? I invite a television journalist to bingo and I win a television (I didn’t even know that they were giving away a television!) That’s fun irony. It is also irony that our current television – we don’t have cable – typically gets KDKA and that’s it.

So next month I’m inviting a car dealer … kidding.

I have to admit that this was a pretty amazing turn of events. I wouldn’t say I’m someone who “never wins anything” but that’s not why I go to Bingo – for me, it’s about the good causes and being with a huge group of LGBTQA folks having a fun evening. I run around taking photos, talking to people and depend upon my tablemates to monitor my cards for me.

After they gave away $1470 for the 50/50 (a new record!), it seemed anti-climatic so I was sort of tidying up the table and planning our next stop when Rick Allison slowly read my name.  That’s when I screamed like a little girl. Then I walked up to the front with my hands over my mouth because … well, I was completely shocked.

I’ve discussed that we don’t have cable so we watch very little television. Our very old tvs are both from the 1990’s I believe – they are immense. So I’m sure this is going to be an interesting change once we figure out the logistics of attaching it to a wall.

For the life of me, this was all I could come up with to discuss for today’s post. I spent all day editing pictures from last night’s events and assorted tasks. Nothing came to mind. Until I brought the tv into the house.

Sometimes, it is really nice to be a winner. (Looks for other shoe to drop …)

You can win, too, by coming to OUTrageous Bingo next month or soon after. Tickets are just $15 and proceeds benefit the GLCC and Shepherd Wellness Community.


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