Am I an Influenster? Mouthwash

So I decided to see how Influenster worked. The website is a bit overwhelming and its easy to get lost leaving reviews, but somehow I ended up reviewing Colgate Advance Pro-Shield Peppermint Blast mouthwash.


I was just at the dentist in April and he told me that mouthwash is not effective, it just feels effective because of the alcohol “tingling” sensation. But I decided to give it a try.

The first disappointment was that the items was packaged in a lot of stuff. That’s disappointing – I’d love to see the packaging be more overtly green.

So I tried the mouthwash and will say this – it tasted fine. It wasn’t too medicinal (remember Listerine?) and it wasn’t too sweet or fake flavory. Because we use a general mint toothpaste, it also didn’t clash. I can be very sensitive to flavors so that was a big help.

To be honest, there’s not much else to say. I can’t tell if it was effective at preventing gingivitis until I return to my dentist this fall or it was just a feel good measure.

Well, okay, it was useful as a mid-day pick me up — on those mornings I drank a lot of coffee and had to rush off to a lunch meeting, I would quickly brush my teeth and use some of this and had no qualms. So it made me feel like my mouth was fresher/cleaner, but based on what my dentist said – I’m unsure if that’s reality or just a perception. mouthwash

Would I buy it? No. And the reason is that I’d prefer an environmentally friendly option. I have nothing against this product but it didn’t have enough of an impact to get me to buy it especially with my dentist telling me to just use water if I can’t brush.

Sorry, Colgate, I’m not the consumer for you.

I received a sample bottle of this product. The opinions are my own.


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