Product Review: ClimbOn Skin Care Products

We’ve been samping ClimbOn Skin Care products for over a year – since we received our first sample.  ClimbOn is a regular fixture at the I Made It Market! events – their products are touted as chemical-free and all natural. ClimbOn is now part of a larger company with similar values, SkinNourishment. The same team is running ClimbOn.

During our vacation, we took along the SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen. We are both very fair skinned and burn easily, especially at the beach. For comparison purposes, I used the spray on SPF 50 store brand lotion on my left and arms, then used the ClimbOn on my face, ears, neck, shoulders and my feet. On the first day, I got a little burn on the areas covered by the store brand version and the rest of me was fine. So I switched to the Climb On! for the rest of the trip and had no further issues. CO_Sunscreen_150DPI_large

The lotion is very traditional – a bit thick and greasy, but no scents and it spread pretty easily. I used a heavier layer on the parts of me that were burned and have to admit that they felt better afterwards so I suspect there are some healing properties in the lotion or at least soothing properties. It is a winner in my book because I see no value in any form of suntan or burn at this point in life. My plan was to use it at the swimming pool this summer, but it hasn’t been warm enough (and clear enough) for us to yet swim.

Because its an old-school tube, I was concerned about recycling. The company assured me its recyclable and I found the number on the tube. But there’s no way to clean it out so I have fears that it won’t be recycled. However, I can’t imagine a better way to package suntan lotion so that might be a no-win situation depending on your local recycling process.

I also tried the ClimbOn Bug Drug because I seem to be especially tasty to the mosquitos this year. It is a wonderful product – made with catnip oil. Not only did it work, but it was perfectly safe to have around my animals which is a big big win for me. I tried it both at the beach and on my back deck. The only negative is that my cats swarm me when I come in the house!  I highly recommend this product for those concerned about chemicals in traditional repellants. The handy container also allowed for repeated applications.  CO_Bug_Drug_150DPI_large

I’m also a fan of the ClimbOn Skin Bar, but I must admit that I’ve only tried the sample size. It is easy to apply, non-greasy and worked very well on my dry hands and feet during the winter months. Hand in hand, I tried the ClimbOn Skin Cream – it worked very well to moisturize my skin,  but the smell of shea triggered my allergies. I contacted ClimbOn and they assured me it really was pure natural shea, so I talked with my doctor who told me that some people simply have this reaction and the fact that it is so pure might make it more intense for those of us who are sensitive to it. It did work well on some dry spots on my feet so I was sorry to have to discontinue using it – but that’s purely because of my allergies.

Overall, I think ClimbOn products are excellent especially if you are concerned about the chemicals in your skin care. The customer service is good, too – when I reached out to them with a concern, they responded within24 hours.

The products are not inexpensive – the bug spray is $15, the lotion and bars start at $6, but those prices are not far off premium department store brands. And for the bug spray in particular, not using DEET is a good investment. The mini skin care bars are terrific to stow in your purse or bag and no worries about leakage.

To purchase ClimbOn products visit their website or follow them on Twitter @ClimbOnProducts  They have over 8,000 followers on their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: I received sample products to test for this review.


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  • Hi Sue!

    Thanks so much for spending the time to review the products so throughly! A little trick of the trade for recycling, and to get the most out of the tube we suggest you cut the top. Works like a dream!

    Thanks again!
    Will Reynolds Young
    Chief Digital Officer
    SKINourishment, Inc/climbOn

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